The Experience inspires our customers to truly “dream in drum”. Through the Experience, our customers work together with us to create their own unique sound, using high end components, exotic Caribbean woods and totally custom shells. The experience engages customers throughout the building process, offering one on one consultation with the master craftsman of KAW Drums and progress updates as we journey together to create “your sound”. Be part of the Experience as we innovate together, create together and work together towards making your dream sound a reality.


Our snares are crafted using a range of exotic Caribbean woods. These woods include Green-heart, Purple-heart, Mora, Teak, Mahogany, Balata, Olivé and Tatabu which are only harvested when they have reached their optimum quality. The unique composition of each wood allows for distinctive sound and design experiences. 


To craft the finest snare, one must use the finest materials. Our hardware components are crafted using premium quality materials. These consist of metals and alloys from best materials available. The quality of our hardware components add another layer of artistic definition to each snare and can be customized upon request. 


Our shells are the souls of our snares. They are crafted using stave construction which contributes to our signature sound. Shells are available in standard and custom sizes to reflect the self-expression of every customer. Our bearing edges energize the character of our snares

and are available in both standard and custom designs. From batter to resonant, we pour detailed passion into our artistry as we dream up new bearing edge designs.