Our snares may be complex works of art, but we like to keep our ordering process simple

If you'd like to grab one of the snares from our Collection, click here to browse our off the shelf snare drums and accessories.

If you're interested in our Custom Snare Experience, where our craftsman works with you to create a totally custom snare, capturing your unique style and sound, scroll down to learn more.

How to order?

1. Consultation

The craftsman engages the client in the conceptualization process exploring design elements, taking into consideration the client's style, needs and desired sound. The client is also presented with various wood, hardware and finishes samples. The client is acquainted with the design & build process and the scale of fees.  After the consultation, 3 designs are prepared for the client's consideration.     

2. Snare Design

The client and craftsman meet virtually to confirm various elements of the custom snare design from size, solid woods, hardware, snare wires, drum heads and snare accessories, after the client has reviewed the 3 designs. Upon confirmation of the final design, the client receives an invoice and payment schedule. 

3. Build Begins

The building phase begins! All materials are carefully inspected for optimal quality before use. During this process, the client receives weekly photo/video updates, and continues to be engaged by the craftsman. 

4. Snare Reaveal

The big reveal! The most anticipated part of the process! At this stage the client receives sound samples, videos and photos along with a live video call with the craftsman who presents the snare to the client taking the client through the snare details and intricacies along with snare optimization and snare care tips.

Let's get started!