KAW Drums is a custom drum company based in Trinidad and Tobago. We use exotic Caribbean woods to handcraft each snare, with detailed attention to both resonance and aesthetic. Our woods are harvested from exotic Caribbean trees and remain untouched until they have reached optimum quality to be transformed into drum shells. We journey with our customers on their quest for identity through sound, using artistry, imagination and precision to reflect emotion, experiences and uniqueness. 


Art is our STORY. We believe that art is who we are as artists, what we have experienced and what we dream of experiencing. Believing that authentic art is produced out of an organic connection between artist and instrument, we are inspired to craft this connection through our snares. 


We craft custom handmade snares to create that intangible experience of music that is wildly personal and beautifully artistic. Our process begins with a consultation with each artist. Upon connecting with the artist, we create design samples which we believe reflect their vibe and requests. After the artist has chosen a design, we begin the building process. A collaboration between the artist and craftsman gives rise to emotional and intellectual energy which is poured into each snare. The artist is engaged throughout the process until the snare is completed.