Drummers search far and wide for their dream sound. Thus, our mission here at the KAW Drum Company is to make that sound a reality. Our company prides itself on personalization, attention to detail and attending to the needs and imaginations of our customers.


KAW Drums was started in 2013 by musician and drum builder, Kevon Andrew Willie, who recognized the need for musicians to be connected to their instruments and even more so, express themselves through sound. His passion for all things music has led him on the path to perfecting the art of drum building, as each snare is handcrafted to meet the needs of every customer.


Our woods are harvested from exotic Caribbean trees and remain untouched until they have reached optimum quality to be transformed into drum shells. We encourage our customers to "dream in drum" as we work together to inspire each other through creative thought and craftsmanship. We owe a huge thanks to all of our supporters who have joined us on our journey and we hope that you will continue to be part of our story!


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Kevon A. Willie


Kevon is the owner, craftsman and creative director for KAW Drum Company. He is intrinsically involved in every aspect of the drum making process, from research and idea conception to the design and crafting of the final product. Not only is he concerned with the art of drum making, but plays a key role in the decision making process concerning all aspects KAW, from its branding to its customer relations, emphasizing the invaluable essence of the relationship between his company and each and every customer. He is truly passionate about all things KAW, which radiates in every facet of his work.

Devon X. Scott


Devon joined the KAW team as our web designer and audio visual specialist. Bringing with him his creativity, experience and expertise, Devon continues to relate the company’s message, purpose and identity, in the most creative, functional and user-friendly way. Devon is responsible for providing a digital space for connecting KAW Drum Company to our customers.

Antonia Mungal


Antonia joined our team as the content writer for our website. She is also responsible for customer relations and social media, where she continues to create and maintain the synergy between our company and our customers. Antonia is instrumental in communicating KAW’s brand to the rest of the world, using social media as a global platform to engage with our customers and supporters. Antonia extends our company’s policy of providing excellent customer care.